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JavaScript Foundations

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JavaScript Foundations

8-week Workshop
Evenings: Twice a week

This workshop will help you accelerate building a proper foundation on JavaScript fundamentals, including getting the proper tools, writing code, and much more. These skills will help you if you are looking to just create enhanced user interfaces and dynamic webpages or to use these skills build a stronger foundation before starting the Galvanize Full Stack program.


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Courtney Heckler

Living in Colorado, it isn't a surprise that Courtney is curious about the weather in the ski country. Courtney is using JavaScript to make API calls to collect the weather that is returned in JSON format. She then displays the data using jQuery into the HTML/CSS web page highlighting her two favorite ski areas. Seeing pages like this one help make it clear to see the importance of knowing both HTML/CSS and JavaScript and how they can work together to create great pages.

Rachael Koldenhoven

Rachel taught 8th grade for the last 5 years and wanted to get more into programming. While taking the JS workshop, she found a JSON document that lists the locations of all the active volcanoes in the world with their latitude and longitude and then connected that to the Google Maps API to showcase them around the world in a more visual fashion.

Classmates enjoyed this project so much, we adopted it and will show you how to do create a similar project in the JS workshop as well. After the JS workshop, she was accepted into the Full Stack program and is currently a student in Denver.

Corinne Winthrop

Corinne Winthrop

Corrinne created an interactive 2-player Tick-Tac-Toe game using JavaScript to control the programming logic of the game. She is also using jQuery to create the interaction and visual display of the game with the HTML/CSS. She even is taking her CSS further by taking advantage of SCSS. In true open source fashion, she posted her work on CodePen so that it would be easy to share the source code with others.

Jeremy Pike

Jeremy works in the marketing department for a Broadnet and they asked him to create an app that would calculate (through their own formula) how many people they were reaching and what that meant for ROI. For example, if they sent out an 2 email blasts to 600 recipients and 3 tweets to 1200 followers, it would return their calculated "awareness ROI". This simple app can help anyone on the team quickly determine the result without having to figure out the mathmatical equations every time. 

Tim Pender

Tim started working on the classic game, Whack-a-Mole. Using JavaScript programming logic and jQuery to interact with the HTML elements, he has a great start.

Just having a week on his final project, he was able to accomplish a lot, but as you can see below his game, he has a ToDo list of all the additional features he wishes to add some day.

Not all projects are easy to complete in one night or even a single week. Having a future ToDo list is a great way of showing what else you have identified as needed to do.

Zero to Web Designer

8-week Workshop
Evenings: Twice a week

If you already have the skills to build web pages with navigation and custom page layouts, then you are certainly ready for this JavaScript Workshops. But in case you don't, check out what our Zero to Web Designer workshop can teach you.

Web Designer Student Showcase