Start to Learn

So… where do you begin?

To start, we provide free workshops to introduce you to a number of potentially new web development topics. These free lessons are available right now, online. Or, find the next free workshop at a Galvanize campus near you.

Want to extend the journey? Consider our part-time workshops. They’ve been crafted to maximize your time during the learning process so you can understand and produce as much as possible in eight weeks.

Are you looking for full-time commitment and want to learn the skills needed for a life-changing career? Galvanize offers full-time immersive courses in web development and data science, making you workforce-ready in a matter of months.


Student Showcase

Zero to Web Designer

Galvanize Web Design Student Showcase

These students had little to no HTML/CSS experience and by following design and coding guidelines, were able to create some strong web sites for both themselves and clients in just 8 weeks.

View HTML/CSS Projects

JavaScript Foundations

Galvanize JavaScrip Student Showcase

After a few weeks on programming logic, these students then learned jQuery and how to work with APIs to create some pretty amazing projects in just 8 weeks.

View JavaScript Projects